What am I? Where am I?

What am I? Where am I?

These are questions that I ponder very often; somehow this retrospection happens more often in my life and probably in case of many others as well. However there are some interesting thoughts that come across very energetically to my mind during this process and very often I do wonder so much – whether others also think alike? If so, why am I not hearing it often in my dear Facebook and twitter and so on?

According to Wikipedia, there are around 1,700,000 species on earth and we are one among them. Nevertheless, since God created us in his own mould – As per bible, “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female” – most of us are born intelligent and have the ability to think, remember and decide. At present we call it as planning, designing, consulting, marketing and so on. Man realized very soon that he has existence only in groups; he is not complete in himself. He needs his parents, wife, kids, siblings, uncles, aunties, friends – all together forming the society. He further grew to form the government and the government was supposed to pool resources from the society to take care of the society.

Society grew and at the same time divided itself. It grew in terms of science, technology, resources, trade, inventions and at the same time divided by religion, countries, states, political parties, families and so on. These groups forgot the initial basic idea of coming together – mutually benefiting and co-existing with the society and mother earth. It forgot the basics of nature that provided oxygen, soil, water and wind for his existence. We started loving concrete mansions so much that we killed the vegetation to build these mansions, leading to soil erosion, land slide and climate changes. Modern day society got divided further on the basis of money and exchange rate. Currency became powerful enough to divide humans in all the essentials that brought him together – be it family, caste, society or country. The day he forgot his basics and the day currency became powerful enough to divide him started the man-made disasters and the scams n scandals. Raging storms to rising floods and tsunami – the earth made clear about the necessity for us to look back, realize and correct. 2G scam to the Coal gate scam reminded us again and again of the power of currency over the ability of human beings to think, remember and decide. We forgot that the government was formed for us and by us. We pay the government for our own betterment and the government officials forgot that they were the chosen ones to take care of the rest.

At least for me these instances of disasters n scandals act as a moment to look back and ask myself – “What am I? Where am I?”. I am just one among the 1.7 million species on earth and am gifted with superior thinking relative to others. I am supposed to have a better reflective database which can record what is happening around me, use that in future decisions and hence improve the lives in my vicinity and on mother earth. I am supposed to plant some trees around my new house to get natural air conditioning rather than the split ac which increases global warming. I am supposed to understand that having a life partner is my own need and not the girl’s father’s need – for which he pays me ‘dowry’ which is beautified recently as pocket-money n real estate. I am supposed to understand that when I ask somebody to pay me for getting a death certificate, my son will have to bribe tomorrow for getting my death certificate. I shouldn’t forget the fact that when I show under-valuation in the land agreement – I indirectly tell my son that money is the king and not the government who are chosen by me, of me and from me.

I will cry in future, in my old age – when somebody asks dowry to get my daughter married, when someone asks bribe for getting my pension certificate and when my son gets more interested in my earthly possessions than me. This has been the path chosen by many. We have seen it yesterday, are seeing it today and will see it tomorrow. There is only one way to change this course – understand what we are, where we are and learn from the experiences of our yester-generations. Utilize the basic skills that differentiate us from other species – Remember the past, Think about the present and Decide for the future. In essence “Be Human and Live Humane”. Leave something on this beautiful planet for our coming generations and help them grow the human way.

Keep thinking every now and then – What am I? Where am I?


What's your take on this topic?

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