Applying for Fresh Indian Passport or Indian Passport Renewal

Just an attempt to address the intrusive questions one has about the passport process in India.

The passport issuing and renewal process in India has undergone significant improvements in the recent past. Fresh passport or Re-issue/Renewal of passport is no longer an issue for your abroad dreams.

I recently went through the passport renewal process and hope this write up will help someone else in the fresh or renewal application process. Process for a Fresh Passport application and Renewal differs only little bit as explained below. A step by step narrative of the process, along with the tips & tricks of the process is explained below.

  1. Identify the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) for you at the following link: 01
  2. Find out the next date for which appointment is available at the following link: It is for this date in the specific PSK that you’ll get appointment if you go ahead as per the process below.02
  3. In case you want to wait for a future date, complete the profile part in the passport online portal and wait for the date to be available. Keep checking frequently so that you won’t miss the date.


  1. Go to and register your login. You require email id for registration.04
  2. If you are already registered, then click on “Existing User: Login”. The first page is shown.05


  1. Choose the option “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”
  2. Choose to fill application from online (this is much simple compared to the offline mode)07
  3. In case of passport renewal, you get couple of more options and make sure to choose all that apply. E.g., your passport might be getting expired in few months and you also want to add your spouse name to passport – in which case choose options as above.08
  1. Now fill through all the successive sections of the application as below. You have the option of saving the application at each stage; it is advisable to do this.09
  2. You need to provide two references (including address and contact number) while filling the form. So please have it handy.
  3. Opt for SMS services if you want to get regular updates of various stages till you get the passport. It is a very helpful service. Please see some of the messages that I got.11
  4. Once the ‘Self Declaration’ section is completed, you can submit the form.
  5. A saved or submitted form can be viewed on next login at ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications’. Partially saved form can be retrieved and completed here.13


  1. Select the application and click on ‘Schedule Appointment’.
  2. This will take you to a screen for making the payment and scheduling the appointment. Appointment date will be same as what you got in Step 2 (unless all those slots got expired). Appointment time slot is allotted by the system. You will have to report 15 minutes prior to the appointment time.
  3. Make sure to take print out of the appointment receipt, as this will be verified before your entry to PSK.
  4. List of documents required to be submitted at the PSK can be referred at ‘Document Advisor’17
  5. Make sure that you carry the original and a self-attested copy of the documents as per ‘Document Advisor’.


  1. You will have to report 15 minutes prior to the appointment time.
  2. You will go through four counters at the PSK to complete the process.
  3. Counter 1: Here you will face a TCS employee. Verification of the application and supporting documents happen at Counter 1. They make a file with your application and supporting documents and allot a token number for you. This token number is used to refer you at the subsequent counters.
  4. Note that minor corrections in the application can be made with the help of the PSK official at Counter 1. They have access to all details that you filled in the application form.
  5. Counter 2: Here you will be treated by a TCS employee. In this counter, your photograph will be taken. Make sure that you go good enough to get a good passport photograph. Your finger print is also taken at this counter.
  6. Counter 3: Here you will face the Government of India Passport Official, who will verify your documents and asks you clarification, if any.
  7. Counter 4: This again will be a TCS employee. Here you will have to give the feedback of the services offered by PSK. You will get the acknowledgement slip at this counter. Make sure that you verify the slip and see that there is nothing outstanding as per the acknowledgement slip.

This blog is written as per the rules, regulations and facilities available with PSKs as on January 2015.

Please let me know any queries or doubts you have and I shall try to answer them.


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