Are you prey to the Parenting Cycle?

If you do not have time to read, please watch the video towards the end of this blog – it tells the idea much vividly.

Parenting Cycle – that’s a thought that has been nagging me for quite some time; it probably got serious once I became a father. Is there something called a ‘parenting cycle’ into which we parents fall? It’s a cycle designed and dictated by the manipulators of the world, that cycle claims to be the path to success (we’ll defined success later) – so year after year, generations after generations we put ourselves to this cycle and takes away the uniqueness in our new born babies. The peer pressure to follow this cycle is so huge that most of us, despite our radical ideas, fall for it.

Can we break this cycle? Yes, I think so. But it takes lot of courage and conviction to hold on to your unique thoughts and ideas even when the entire world tells you the opposite. See around yourselves and you’ll see that the ones who have come out of this cycle are not well appreciated by the society – which disapproves you breaking the cycle.

This video ‘Alike’ has reinstated these thoughts in me and it will do a much better job of conveying the message to you. Watch it and I hope we all get the courage to design those unique paths, at least for our kids. Happy & Unique Parenting!!!

Courtesy to the original makers of the video

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