How to remove favoritism and misjudgements of corporate managers with Blockchain and Cognitive computing?

When was the last time you felt your manager didn’t place you in the right project irrespective of you possessing the right skill?

What did your manager tell you when you asked for promotion? Have you ever felt that networking and contacts help in corporate more than the expertise?

Then you are not alone. Most of us have faced or heard or seen one or many instances of such imperfections in our corporate life. This blog illustrates how a truly digital corporate can eliminate most of these corporate imperfections with the help of Blockchain and Cognitive technologies (its a use case illustration and not about these technologies). And its not too far, its almost here.

In an ideal corporate setup, you have:

  • GOALS to accomplish
  • SKILLS to master
  • DECISIONS to take
  • PEOPLE to mentor & get mentored
  • AMBITIONS to achieve
  • OUTPUTS to showcase

As long as these five aspects are satisfied – you should be nearly perfectly happy, so be your manager and company. But ideal scenarios are ideal and hence doesn’t happen in practice. So our corporate setup appears to you as:

  • GOALS to accomplish – but you don’t get the right weightage for the accomplishment, at least some instances
  • SKILLS to master – but not useful as it goes unnoticed unless you announce it on a loud speaker and most of the times skills are not considered in matching the roles
  • DECISIONS to take – but its effect on outcome is not always measured and accounted
  • PEOPLE to mentor & get mentored – often ruled by favoritism and your ability to network (not all are equally good at networking)
  • AMBITIONS to achieve – but gets crushed often without proper justification
  • OUTPUTS to showcase – happens as a year end haste

So through our experience, all of us do understand that its an imperfect corporate where favoritism, judgment and other human weaknesses prevail – the only way to attribute all this is by the saying “HUMANS ARE NOT PERFECT & MANAGERS ARE HUMANS”. Most of the organizations have a sad state of affairs were the people with the right connections make it to their choices and others end up working only, irrespective of their contribution to the success of the company. After all, networking is not a skill for everyone. So how do we tackle this? We have an imperfect corporate, with imperfect people, run for ages with some degree of perfection which translates to our corporate results.

After following and studying the latest digital developments in Industry, I believe now we have the capability to correct these imperfections to a greater extent. I’ll illustrate how to use Blockchain and Cognitive computing to achieve a near perfect corporate world for future.

If you want to know more about Blockchain – please read my previous blog Blockchain – Trust in the Digital era. Read more on cognitive computing here.

Most of our corporations have undergone multiple digital transformation journeys. Normally those digital transformations will aim the systems and processes to cull out inefficiencies and enable people do a better work. Rarely has a project aimed at reinventing the decision making job of managers. In this illustrated future, we leave a considerable degree of decision making to technology – to eliminate misjudgements, favoritism and other human weaknesses. Illustration of a normal corporate setup is illustrated below.


Now with the advent of Blockchain and Cognitive Computing we have considerable scope of improving the status-quo and make it more transparent and predictable for all the personnel involved. Let’s see a potential future state of our truly digital corporate.


In the new scheme of things, strategic decision making for business development continues to be done by the management. But tracking it, measuring performance, regulating promotions, man power allocation to projects etc. will be taken care by the digi-cognition layer. All goals in this system will be enforced to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals. Now let’s see some potential use cases will be handled in this scenario.

  • Your assignment to a new project – Based on your skill set system will assign projects. Based on consensus/feedback from earlier assignments, system will keep learning how to make better assignments in future.
  • Goal Setting – Goals defined by management will be assigned to resources basis skill set and how to measure success of completing the goal will also be defined by management in the system; points basis this criteria will be awarded to people for completion of goals.
  • Performance appraisal – Performance will be assessed by the system based on the goals completed and the scoring across the various predefined parameters.
  • Learning & development – Learning basis your current role and to take you to next level will be mandatory. Additional learnings can be taken up by anyone based on self-interest.
  • Your promotion is due – System will check the points earned by you by completion of previous projects/goals, your skill advancements and other contributions for the desired role.
  • You want to move to a different business line – Once you input your target in the system, system will advocate you further learnings, projects in pipeline in the new LOB and KPIs in the target LOB. If you agree to take up, system will direct the request to current and future LOB heads to agree on a convenient date within a predefined period.

In all the above scenarios, decisions are driven via the ‘Digi-Cognitive’ system and it’ll make it more transparent to all members. I believe organizations have already started moving in this direction, but its a long way.

Do you think this truly digital organization will be a better place to work in? Will it allow us to have better managers and better output? Let me know your comments !!!


What's your take on this topic?

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