Why I talked about ‘Triple Entry Accounting’ at the Blockchain conference?

I was invited as a keynote speaker for the Blockchain conference 2018 organized by Knowledge Hut and I chose to talk about Triple Entry Accounting there. You might wonder the correlation between both, but based on the interactions with the delegates post my session - I was convinced that this was one of the most … Continue reading Why I talked about ‘Triple Entry Accounting’ at the Blockchain conference?


Can an AI underwriter in Banks reduce Bad loans?

Indian banking sector is facing the heat of the bad loans (NPA) in its books. Stock market valuations of most companies in financial services sector also is taking this hit. This news article from FirstPost helps us  understand the extend and the NPA journey among the private and public sector banks in India. However the … Continue reading Can an AI underwriter in Banks reduce Bad loans?

Sensible reasons one might find to evade tax

Our Income tax department is preparing to find the tax evaders using all the advanced means including social media data mining. As tax is one's contribution to the elected Government and the executive machinery to run the country as per the expected standards - it makes sense to chase and catch the culprits. But a holistic analysis of some of the other news/facts from the market (which are not expected from a tax responsible government) gives many more sensible reasons for one to evade tax. Some of those which caught my attention makes this blog

Are you STUCK with home loan?

This blog is for you if: - You feel stuck in life because of home loan - You need help to decide on your new home loan - You are puzzled with the market options to refinance your loan - You feel your home is a dead investment as you stay in another city for work To provoke your thoughts and provide an effective calculator for your decision making.

Demonetization in India – An impartial analysis

Demonetization is the hot topic in India now and the same is being discussed world over by media. Most of our media, including press and social media, is discussing the situation in India and the news is taking political colors as most of the opposition parties are all set to utilize this situation. Are they … Continue reading Demonetization in India – An impartial analysis

Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

It was the start of a good weekend, but it’s all spoiled now. Since yesterday night the national media is just beating around Modi’s puppy (read more about it here). I feel frustrated the way our media picks up inane dialogs from one interview and blow it up in all possible dimensions, effectively diverting the … Continue reading Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

Financial Inclusion – include Derivatives?

Financial Inclusion – include Derivatives? Inclusion has been the most-talked-about term in the last few years. India is talking and RBI is walking the way for financial inclusion among the Indian masses. It has been pondered over by economists and financial experts as to why the Indian rural market should be brought under institutional financing … Continue reading Financial Inclusion – include Derivatives?