Are you STUCK with home loan?

This blog is for you if: - You feel stuck in life because of home loan - You need help to decide on your new home loan - You are puzzled with the market options to refinance your loan - You feel your home is a dead investment as you stay in another city for work To provoke your thoughts and provide an effective calculator for your decision making.



Sanesh and Diya were five years into their married life and it was not going as smooth as what it was expected to be. They got married after five long years of intense love and had promised to keep each other happy. Few years into marriage, they could understand that the rhythm was getting lost […]

4 reasons to become a multi-disciplinary human

The first time I came across the term ‘multi-disciplinary’ was when I was going through Prof. Sanjay Bakshi’s lectures on Behavioural Finance and Value Investing – he mentioned multiple times about the need to adopt ‘multi-disciplinary thinking’ to become good investors (find the course at – it’s worth your time). Then on, I came … Continue reading 4 reasons to become a multi-disciplinary human

Bachelor to Father – Do you think its a Part Time role?

Experiences of a one year old Father !!! 'Bachelor to Father' - You might be wondering why the title is missing the intermediate 'Husband' phase in the life of a man. Also why the question about 'part time' job? This amusement will be mainly for the single & married-without-kids people and I presume that the … Continue reading Bachelor to Father – Do you think its a Part Time role?

Almost Father – Pregnancy Blues of a Man

'Pregnancy blues' is a term generally associated with the uneasy feelings of a woman during pregnancy and for some time post pregnancy. No you didn't read the title wrong? This post is completely about the men side of the story. 'Single to married' - this status change happens by an event  planned, or in some cases conspired, by the family, relatives … Continue reading Almost Father – Pregnancy Blues of a Man

What am I? Where am I?

What am I? Where am I? These are questions that I ponder very often; somehow this retrospection happens more often in my life and probably in case of many others as well. However there are some interesting thoughts that come across very energetically to my mind during this process and very often I do wonder … Continue reading What am I? Where am I?