Demonetization in India – An impartial analysis

Demonetization is the hot topic in India now and the same is being discussed world over by media. Most of our media, including press and social media, is discussing the situation in India and the news is taking political colors as most of the opposition parties are all set to utilize this situation. Are they … Continue reading Demonetization in India – An impartial analysis


Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

It was the start of a good weekend, but it’s all spoiled now. Since yesterday night the national media is just beating around Modi’s puppy (read more about it here). I feel frustrated the way our media picks up inane dialogs from one interview and blow it up in all possible dimensions, effectively diverting the … Continue reading Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

Government – the Union for common man …

“Ministry of Finance, Government of India is planning to reduce the fiscal deficit, at any cost, to avoid any downgrade in the investment rating for India” This topic and associated discussions and articles have caught the main headlines of our media in the recent past and I guess we will continue to read more and … Continue reading Government – the Union for common man …