Sanesh and Diya were five years into their married life and it was not going as smooth as what it was expected to be. They got married after five long years of intense love and had promised to keep each other happy. Few years into marriage, they could understand that the rhythm was getting lost […]


Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

It was the start of a good weekend, but it’s all spoiled now. Since yesterday night the national media is just beating around Modi’s puppy (read more about it here). I feel frustrated the way our media picks up inane dialogs from one interview and blow it up in all possible dimensions, effectively diverting the … Continue reading Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

Contradictions – The other side of Human Life …

I am confused … Numerous contradictions … Wherever I go, it’s the same … When the furious man, who wanted the Delhi gang rapists to be executed, got involved in the rape case of a 5 year old gal … When my parents, who forced me to take dowry, expect me to spend money for … Continue reading Contradictions – The other side of Human Life …