Demonetization in India – An impartial analysis

Demonetization is the hot topic in India now and the same is being discussed world over by media. Most of our media, including press and social media, is discussing the situation in India and the news is taking political colors as most of the opposition parties are all set to utilize this situation. Are they … Continue reading Demonetization in India – An impartial analysis


Almost Father – Pregnancy Blues of a Man

'Pregnancy blues' is a term generally associated with the uneasy feelings of a woman during pregnancy and for some time post pregnancy. No you didn't read the title wrong? This post is completely about the men side of the story. 'Single to married' - this status change happens by an event  planned, or in some cases conspired, by the family, relatives … Continue reading Almost Father – Pregnancy Blues of a Man

Applying for Fresh Indian Passport or Indian Passport Renewal

Just an attempt to address the intrusive questions one has about the passport process in India. The passport issuing and renewal process in India has undergone significant improvements in the recent past. Fresh passport or Re-issue/Renewal of passport is no longer an issue for your abroad dreams. I recently went through the passport renewal process and … Continue reading Applying for Fresh Indian Passport or Indian Passport Renewal

6 Reasons Why Ratan Tata should speak up on TCS Layoff issue

Putting together some thoughts of an ex-TCSer. Many points are subjective, but is put from an impartial, TCS associate view point. TCS brand image in market always used to resonate well with the Tata Code of Conduct – which stands for being ethical in all dealings, being people n planet oriented along with profit motives (3P’s) … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why Ratan Tata should speak up on TCS Layoff issue

Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

It was the start of a good weekend, but it’s all spoiled now. Since yesterday night the national media is just beating around Modi’s puppy (read more about it here). I feel frustrated the way our media picks up inane dialogs from one interview and blow it up in all possible dimensions, effectively diverting the … Continue reading Please stop pampering Modi’s ‘Puppy’

Demystifying “Big Data” for you

De-jargonizing the big buzz on Big Data “Big Data” is the buzz word of the moment and it is one of the most searched phrases in Google. People from many walks of life, from young graduates to industry veterans, try to get a grip around this phenomenon called “Big Data”. The number of white papers, … Continue reading Demystifying “Big Data” for you

Financial Inclusion – include Derivatives?

Financial Inclusion – include Derivatives? Inclusion has been the most-talked-about term in the last few years. India is talking and RBI is walking the way for financial inclusion among the Indian masses. It has been pondered over by economists and financial experts as to why the Indian rural market should be brought under institutional financing … Continue reading Financial Inclusion – include Derivatives?

What am I? Where am I?

What am I? Where am I? These are questions that I ponder very often; somehow this retrospection happens more often in my life and probably in case of many others as well. However there are some interesting thoughts that come across very energetically to my mind during this process and very often I do wonder … Continue reading What am I? Where am I?